Amino Mason Extra Moist Hair Oil (Advanced version) - 100ml
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From the improved and qualiti-fied Formula, It can helps to repair your hair in more advanced way!

The second series of Amino Mason with a total of 12 million units * in the series! Renewed under the theme of “high-calorie foam” to pamper your hair thoroughly.
Redesigned package design and recipes (prescription) as “the second beautiful recipe”. In addition to the proprietary ingredient Super Amino Acid
 * 1, a combination of naturally derived ingredients such as almond oil, coconut oil
 * 2, apricot oil
 * 3, avocado oil, honey (all moisturizing), and a milk-based cream blend that repairs damage The dense, high-calorie “high-calorie foam” that spoils the hair thoroughly has achieved aggressive repair and moisturizing hair care.

Inspired by the ever popular, "Mason Jar"! Experience new hair care revolution with proprietary Super Amino Acids Complex Formula. Hair is made of up amino acids, so why not replenish it back with it? Non-silicon shampoo that foams up like whipped cream, gently cleanses scalp and hair with botanical amino acids. Amino acids which are key components of the hair, repairs damages and balances moisture level. Definitely a next level hair care.
Botanical amino acid based surfactant and botanical cleansing ingredients froths up just like whipped cream to protect hair from friction caused during shampooing while gently washing off dirt and oil. Scalp is cleansed and hydrated.

• 18 kinds of amino acid for hydration & damage repair
• Avocado oil, cherimoya extract, milk protein, raw silk, raw keratin protein, raw collagen to repair and reinforce strands
• Pearl protein, Manuka honey, mango oil, almond, oil for hydration
• Free of silicon, sulfate, mineral oil, synthetic dyes and petroleum based surfactant
• PH balanced
• Fragrance of white rose bouquet

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